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Employer Branding

SourceWell is an expert at sourcing & recruiting on behalf of our clients when working for them and selling & marketing our own brand on the employment market. However, we realise that this requires time and resources as the employment market changes rapidly, and hence, we offer consulting services directly for our clients to help them improve their own candidate attraction and employer branding image. The reality is that if you do not pay very careful attention to your branding, you will have to compensate for that by paying higher salaries than your competition and by being forced to hire outside the top category. And naturally, that is not taking into consideration the opportunity cost of having the top talent working for your competition. With strong employer branding you will also help facilitate effective internal referral programs and ultimately pave the way for a more profitable business.

Generally, when we execute our EB plan, we go through the following steps:

  • identifying your talent target audience;
  • researching the market and carefully assessing what it has to say about your company;
  • creating your unique selling points and your message;
  • implementing that plan both internally to bring reality closer to your goal and externally via a thorough communication plan;
  • actually launching a PR and communication plan and measuring the results and making follow up adjustments. Trust us, if you want to attract top talent for affordable prices, this is step #1 in that process!