This is a field in which available jobs are plenty and the right personnel is scarce. It is very hard for companies and prospective employees to keep up with the fast paced evolution of technology. This is where we come in. IT recruitment is one of our favorite fields of activity. The fact that the ID business is so transnational fits us perfectly, making us good head hunters for the talent you need.

When you need a batch of new employees on short notice, only the best tools for sourcing the right talent will cut it. We have the means to recruit only the most adaptable possible employees, making sure we thoroughly interview them and test their language capabilities at the same time. We take pride in our ability to quickly staff a newly opened call center with the most highly qualified people on the job market.

This department is the backbone of any company. The right people can boost the business in no time. This is why we take recruitment very seriously in this particular field. We know that suitability for your available job can vary immensely even within a short list, so we make sure only the best of the best end up being interviewed by our client directly.

As experts in recruitment, it is only logical that companies that want to upgrade or expand their HR departments will seek us for good sourcing services. We know that HR departments face tougher challenges by the day and therefore need to be properly staffed. With our wide spread network of connections, we are sure we can find the persons you need for the job.

The request for finance and banking analysts has lead us to setting up an entire department dedicated to sourcing specialists in these fields. Our recruitment experts are solely focused on finding talent for our clients who seek business analysts, controllers, accountants, financial directors and other such specialists.

Companies have developed complex systems that link together suppliers and clients, thus smoothening up the process of turning raw matter into the final product. Managing such delicate systems is a difficult task, but plenty of passionate individuals are out there waiting for new challenges. We are just as passionate about finding these men and women who can make your business more and more efficient.

More and more graduates seek jobs in fields such as arts, crafts and humanities and the supply of skilled workforce for IT and engineering is lower and lower. It is one of our toughest challenges to recruit technology savvy candidates, but it is also one of the services we are the most proud of.

We work with our customers to source the best specialists for jobs ranging from entry level to executive positions that we know are hard to fill. Thus far, we have managed to occupy a unique space within both the engineering and scientific recruitment industries by offering a leaner and more affordable approach to sourcing. Our customer retention and satisfaction continues to run high, and trust us, if that was not the case it would be unacceptable.

Talent across the world for some very specific roles and hard to fill top management positions.