About us

Why Sourcewell?

When we started this ambitious project, we thought about how hard it was for companies and prospective employees to come in contact with each other. The world is an endless well of talent that needed someone to just dig in and show the best resources to the most eager employers.

We are specialised in understanding what people and companies need and, by means of direct approach, we identify and provide employers with the people they need for their job openings. You may, therefore, think of us as a Human Resource shop.

Sourcewell is what the job market needs: a matchmaker that brings together companies and people looking for jobs. We provide simple solutions to age old problems and make sure businesses run smoothly, due to the quality of the workforce we so gladly provide. Our recruitment experts are always ready to work in order to provide candidates with the best job opportunities and companies with the best available workforce.

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SourceWell will change the way you think about job searching and agency practices by utilizing cloud recruitment solutions. We provide exceptional human capital sourcing solutions for our clients all across the world.

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We value human capital as one of the most important parts of any company and we know how to find and manage that capital on behalf of our clients.


Erik Heidefors

Responsible for delivering exemplary services to our clients across a number of sectors and practice groups. From Executive Search to Outplacement support, I am able to deliver top level consultancy and expertise to my clients.

I value a tough assignment and satisfied clients and candidates more than anything. Being able to help excellent candidates find highly important and influential positions can be a surprisingly rewarding experience.

Bogdan Naraevsky

My favorite clients are the ones who are looking for the talent, not just trying to fill the position. This is what I believe we are good at in SourceWell taking recruitment strategically and going deep into the research to understand our clients both companies and candidates.

I began my recruitment career in research and sourcing, and having completed everything from unbelievably difficult searches to high volume projects for some of the world’s biggest companies. The best feeling I have is when our candidates become our clients.

Lukasz Zajda

I am very open minded, honest and hard working person. I believe everybody can achieve their goals and make their dreams come true, I have done it, so can you.
Only you can decide where you will be standing tomorrow, only you can decide if you will make that step forward, only you can change your life, because it is in your hands and I am willing to help you to show you the right direction.
My motto: You can’t change the whole world, but you can change yourself:)
Never give up.

Aknur Drmolova

I am a devoted problem solver who firmly believes that nothing is impossible.

Great companies and enthusiastic employees sometimes require a small nudge to find each other – and thanks to an extensive background in HR and my strong analytical skills I deliver elegant and simple solutions to both parties every day.

Ana Friesen

I’m recruiting even when I’m not. I just have it in my blood. 

In my ideal world I want to help people to change their career and as a result, change their lives for the better.

I’m passionate about learning new technologies, dancing, painting, travelling and modelling!  

Ruxandra Iletchi

Positive, curious, open minded and talkative, I chose to do what I like most: being a SouceWell-er.

My main purpose is to help companies connect with the highest talent on the market and support people make the most of their skills.

If you’re looking for a new challenge in your career or just want to talk about the x-files, travels or food recipes, feel free to get in touch!