The first affordable professional reusable medical respirator for protection against viruses and bacteria. ​




The Vizard-M respirator not only stops the entry of pathogens into the respiratory tract, but also actively kills them.​

The principle of bioactive protection of Vizard-M

A virus or bacteria settling along with large aerosols on the surface of a BDC-Air Cu35 primary filter (copper), as well as some viruses settling along with smaller aerosols passing through BDC-Air Cu35 material, meet with BDC-Air Bio material and are destroyed.

Bacteria exhaled by humans do not multiply on the inner surface of the mask, because a BDC-Air Cu35 primary filter is installed which prevents the growth of bacterial colonies.

Key problems of other respirators and masks

All masks and respirators (industrial, medical, N95, etc.) only prevent various particles from passing through them (dust, aerosols with bacteria or viruses).

Respiratory pathogens accumulate on the external surfaces of the masks, thereby representing a ticking time bomb, increasing the risk of infection. ​

This risk increases with longer use of the mask (> 3 hours) and with a higher frequency of clinical contacts. ​

Live pathogens that accumulate on the mask pose the greatest risk of infection.

Description of bioactive filtration technology​

Bioactive tissue

An initially developed fabric for the aerospace industry to destroy viruses and bacteria has been adapted for use in respiratory protection against pathogens.

The fabric is made by chemical modification of a polymer fiber with bioactive reagents that create a complex of functional groups on the surface of the fibers that inactivate viruses and bacteria. After inactivation of viruses or bacteria, the active domain zones of the material become inoperative. The number of active functional groups is calculated with a 10-fold reserve for air purification with a content of more than 5000 CFU per 1m3 with continuous moderate use for 40 hours.

The fabric retains its properties even after 60 hours of wear. The effectiveness of the tissue is confirmed by independent laboratories around the world (USA, Canada, Germany, China, Belarus). Tests were conducted for viruses and bacteria.

The fabric has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties, is not toxic when breathing and does not cause an irritating effect.

Description of the reusable medical mask Vizard-M

In the absence of filter material, for minimal protection you can use improvised material​

Smaller overall size than other reusable respirators​

Convenient filter mounting system​

Elastic bands leave no marks

The mask is made of medical plastic with the addition of antibacterial additives

The soft rubber seal is comfortable to wear and completely eliminates the passage of air not through the filter material​

Material BDC-AIR Cu35​

It is used as an auxiliary filter insert to prevent the growth of bacterial colonies on the inner and outer surfaces of the mask. It has antiviral properties, especially during oxidation, which occurs on the mask when worn and is facilitated by high temperature and humidity.

The material is made by spraying nanoparticles (copper and silver ions) onto the surface of a nonwoven material used to produce medical masks.

The antibacterial properties of the material allow you to safely wear a mask without removing it for at least a week, reducing the risk of multiplication of internal and external bacterial colonies.

The material also has antiviral properties that destroy a virus on the surface.

Types of filter inserts​

Additional protection can be provided by a hybrid of bioactive filtration and N95, which increases mask life by preventing the formation of bacterial colonies and increasing filtration of pathogens.​

Vizard-M Accessories​


The belt pouch is distinguished by its high functionality and capacity at low weight. Designed specifically for carrying the entire set. Convenient and perfect for daily use.​


Cover is made of a fabric with factory silver ions to increase the longevity of the mask. Included with the cover and a bottle with antiseptic nanoparticles of copper and silver which allows you to permanently maintain the perfect look of the mask and emphasize individuality.​

Electronic device​

The electronic device is designed to remind you to change filters every 2,8 or 40 hours depending on the filters used. The user sets the time keys — after 2, 8 or 40 hours the device automatically beeps.​