Gate | 0

A multifunction gate with innovative
bactericidal disinfection system.




Gate|0 system is developed for the timely detection of disease symptoms and prevention of the spread of viral diseases, which reduces the number of infected people in public places.

WHY Gate|0?

Ideal for crowded places (airports, train stations, administrative buildings, industrial enterprises, shopping centres, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc.).

Attendants are at a safe distance from potentially infected people.

Two types of disinfectors can be used - an aqueous solution of silver citrate andcopper citrate, or an aqueous solution of ozone in a concentration of 0.5-0.8 mg. Is sprayed onto a person passing through the gate in 50 ml doses.

Helps to recognize in advance the symptoms of viral diseases in people and prevent their further spread.

A low pressure pipeline with 16 fogging nozzles is installed inside the frame. The use of such nozzles allows disinfecting treatment even in hard-to-reach folds of clothing and also treats the feet.

Gate|O have all the necessary documents that comply with the technical regulations of the European Customs Union (EAEU).

Full compliance with the recommendations on the use of the aerosol disinfection method in medical organizations.

Online remote status monitoring Gate|O system.

After-sales service, including antiseptic dressing.

The best ratio of price and quality.


The basic module is a stainless steel supporting framegate consisting of a stainless steel inner skin and anouter skin of steel 3 with a polymer protective anddecorative coating.

At the entrance to the frame gate, a ramp is installed to provide access for people with disabilities.

Above the entrance is an information screen. Eachdisinfection cycle may be accompanied by voicecomments.

The basic equipment includes:

Disinfection gate with drip-free nozzles for treating the torso and feet

Voice and visual control system

Electronics box with sensor system

Entrance and exit protections and a ramp

The module of non-contact processing of hands (using an antisepticfrom the main tank), does not require a separate refueling

Pumping system with antiseptic storage tank

System of remote diagnostics of the device by the service department


Standart thermographic camera module

High traffic flow thermographic camera module​

Turnstile module​

Antiseptic mixing module​

Ozone generation module​

Olfactory function diagnostic module​


Standard Performance:

Used indoors

Operating temperature range from 0 to 50+ C

Humidity from 0 to 90%


Enhanced Performance:

Street use

Operating temperature range from -20 to 55+ C​

Humidity from 0 to 90%​


Temperature heating of liquids and highways inside the device​

Standard Performance:

Enhanced Performance:

Used indoors

Operating temperature range from 0 to 50+ C

Humidity from 0 to 90%


Street use

Operating temperature range from -20 to 55+ C

Humidity from 0 to 90%


Temperature heating of liquids and highways inside the device


A person enters the gate and stands in a specially marked place

Audio recording with safety instructions starts

The alarm display lights up RED and person is sprayed with disinfectant flows of ionized and cold steam for 5 seconds

While the turnstille is closed, - a person cannot enter the room

Infrared sensors measure human body temperature

The system diagnoses the smell function in passing through the gate

A beep sounds, the turnstile opens - a person can go inside the room

All data is stored in cloud storage